Nate Silver Says the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots Will Reach the Super Bowl and I Trip Out

Math whiz and modern Nostradamus Nate Silver is at it again. This time, he’s predicting an event that people (unfortunately) probably care more about—the Super Bowl. 

On the AFC side, Mr. Silver predicted a familiar Super Bowl participant, the New England Patriots. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to anyone considering that head coach Bill Bellichick has taken the team to the promised land five times since 2001. The Pats won three of those. 

The NFC side is definitely more of a gutsy call; Silver picked the Seattle Seahawks. Apparently the numbers believe the hype too. Despite being a wild card team, Pete Carroll’s Seattle squad has been one of the hottest during the later part of the season. They were still technically capable of winning their division in the last game of 2012 if the San Francisco 49ers somehow lost. 

A correct prediction might make the newfound appreciation of stats a permanent one instead of a flavor of the month. 

But this is the internet. One single superficial YouTube comment can completely throw Mr. Silver’s prediction to the curb and classify it as as erroneously irrelevant. I present to you that comment: 


Well done, internet. Well done.